Deicing Manager

Centralize all your winter operations data

Deicing challenges

Airlines, airports authorities, and ground handlers
have to face several challenges regarding deicing management.

Expensive time wasting

Poor visibility over operations

Continual revenue leakage

Poor access to essential data

Turn your deicing data into decisions

A leading cloud software for airplane deicing management.
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Customize your workflow

Improve your workflow or processes between your different teams and be ready to efficiently address any challenge.
  • Optimize Glycol usage due to better concentration monitoring
  • Shorter time on the ground: less delays and penalties
Plane de-icing app
Plane anti-icing app

One platform to rule them all

Centralize all records completed by your employees, contractors, and third-party servicers on one integrated platform.
  • Better bottom line due to reduction of time spent on the ground
  • Invoicing sent in minutes versus weeks


Multi-input data integration

Centralize all records completed by your employees, contractors, and third-party servicers on one integrated platform.

Productivity reports

Customized reports based on comprehensive data set help monitor the analytics that matter most to you.

Auditing platform

Mobile app for conducting station audits linked to a automated corrective action plan feedback loop.

Real-time data capture

Data input platform optimized for mobile devices with secure user login to record operations on the ramp and eliminate the need for data re-entry.

Inventory management

Inventory management centralizes your starting inventory, ordering, usage, and spillage for remote station monitoring and to reduce fluid loss.

Operational alerts

Program email or in-platform alerts in the event of operational irregularities or send reminder prompts when key information must be submitted.

Customizable Platform

Self-serve modules can be used to enter and update your stations, employees, trucks, manage platform access control, and more.

Historical Data Integration

Ability to upload historical data using a standard template to enable historical and comparative reporting.

Contracts and Invoicing

Centralize all information pertaining to service provider contracts and generate invoices based on reported usage and contract costs.

Data Validations

Forms come equipped with extensive validations that can be customized to meet your operation’s needs, ensuring valid and complete data.

External Systems Integration

Centralize more than just your deicing spray records; integrate accounting programs, invoices, and other useful tools into Deicing Manager.

Training and Support

Click-by-click user guides, screen-share conferencing and a 24/7 toll-free support line are some of the ways our training and support team can help you.

Your deicing data at your fingertips!

Deicing Manager is a flexible and easy to use deicing and winter operation software solution. Request a live demo today and we’ll schedule a 30-minute call to assess your needs.

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